Banglar Baul Gaan । Bangla Baul song ebook pdf

Banglar Baul Gaan । Bangla Baul songs collection ebook pdf

Banglar Baul Gaan pdf

Baul religion is a part of the Vedas. Baul religion is the religion of the mind. Baul religion has originated from the day when man was created. The last stage of all sadhana is the state of samadhi, as is said in the Baul religion.
Many call the Bauls ‘crazy’, while others call them mad. If you are not really crazy about this pursuit, you will not be able to master it. And cannot find the man of the mind. The word ‘Baul’ comes from the word desperate because Bauls desperate for self-discovery (for the man of the mind). They are free, so they do not mean any restraint of society.

However, from this post readers will be able to collect a book containing Baul songs.

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Book name- ‘Banglar Baul Gaan’ (বাংলার বাউল গান)
Book Type- Religion Songs collection Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 251
PDF size- 11Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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