Bangla Kirtaner Itihas by Hitesh Ranjan Sanyal pdf

Bangla Kirtaner Itihas by Hitesh Ranjan Sanyal, Bengali book pdf

Bangla Kirtaner Itihas by Hitesh Ranjan Sanyal

Bangla is the land of songs. And in this Bengali, kirtan song is one of the best means of expressing the talent of Bengali singers. So there has been a lot of writing about kirtan. But even among all those writings, this article claims to be unique. At the same time, there is a special uniqueness in the writer’s point of view. The author discusses the social role and significance of kirtan in the context of self-discovery and self-esteem of ordinary Bengalis in the devotional movement in Bengal. The author aims to recreate a little-known chapter in the social history of medieval Bengal through the discussion of kirtan.

D. Hitesh Ranjan Sanyal (1939-1988) was one of the foremost researchers in Bengali social history. He was interested in various subjects like art, national movement, religious and cultural heritage, Gandhianism, the social dimension of Swaraj, and cooperatives.

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Book name- ‘Bangla Kirtaner Itihas’
Author- D. Hitesh Ranjan Sanyal
Book Type- Religion Article Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 281
PDF size- 19Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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