Aswabhabik Monobigyan- Arun Ghosh Bangla boi pdf

Aswabhabik Monobigyan- Arun Ghosh Bangla boi pdf file

Aswabhabik Monobigyan- Arun Ghosh

The current book is an abnormal psychology textbook in the Bengali language. But it would be wrong to describe it as a complete book of abnormal psychology. Because abnormal behaviors of human are unlimited at the perspective of the diversity and variety and the full details of these are not possible in the small scale of this book. The current version has been designed keeping in mind the general inquiries and the examinations.

Friends, now I’m going to share a textbook on abnormal psychology by Arun Ghosh- ‘Aswabhabik Monobigyan’ in pdf.
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Book name- Aswabhabik Monobigyan
Written by- Arun Ghosh
Book type- Science Related
File type- pdf
Pages- 301
PDF size- 19mb
Quality- good, without watermark
Collect the book ‘Aswabhabik Monobigyan- Arun Ghosh‘ as a pdf.

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