Tyaboo- Taufiq Hasan Ur Rakib, Bangla Frisson-Horror Book pdf

By | April 2, 2019

Tyaboo- Taufiq Hasan Ur Rakib, Bangla Frisson-Horror Book pdf file

Tyaboo- Taufiq Hasan Ur Rakib

Story Hints-
A young man appeared in a strange problem in the chamber of Psychiatrist Dr. Nora! What is the relationship with the bodies that are found on the North Highway, Miranda, Lara or male escort, Jeff Carter? Is Manik really going to face with Pishcha to protect his wife? By the angel’s command, what will Kika bring from the sacred cave of the seven hills? Break the old Hugo’s order why reckless Mitchell went to the forbidden area? what was that greed? The legendary leopard, Michigan really lives on the Gold Creck floor. To know, read, this mystery-adventure book- ‘Tyaboo’.

There are eleveen Frisson-Horror stories in this book, these are-

Taboo content

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Book name- Tyaboo
Written by- Taufiq Hasan Ur Rakib
Book type- Horror
File type- pdf
Pages- 250
PDF size- 11mb
Quality- best, without watermark
Collect the thriller and horror storybook ‘Tyaboo- Taufiq Hasan Ur Rakib‘ as a pdf.

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