Abismaraniya Itihaser Pathe-Prantare by Narayan Sanyal ebook pdf

Abismaraniya Itihaser Pathe-Prantare by Narayan Sanyal Bangla pdf

Abismaraniya Itihaser Pathe-Prantare by Narayan Sanyal

About the author- Narayan Sanyal

This author (April 26, 1924 – February 7, 2005) is an eminent author of modern Bengali literature. He is also a civil engineer. The selection of new content is one of the features of his writing style.
The author’s original home is Krishnanagar in Nadia district. He was a student of Krishnanagar Collegiate School. The name in the school register was Narayandas Sanyal. He comleted B.E. from Shibpur Engineering College in 1947. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers (India). He retired from government service in 1982.
In the literary world, Narayan Sanyal is best known for his books Bakultala PL Camp and Dandak Sabari. While working at PWD, he was posted in the Dandakaranya area, writing these two novels in his life experience which are appreciated by the witty readers. He has also written extensively on science, art, architecture, sculpture and social, historical novels. His writings are also readable for children and teenagers. Among his other writings are- Bishwasghatak, Shat Eksatti, He Hansbalaka, Nakshatraloker Debatatma, Abar Jodi Ichchha Koro, Ananyadandak, Ashliltar Daye, Na Manusher Panchali, etc. Mystery detective stories are also written, the main characters of his books known as Kanta Series is Barrister PK Basu is modeled after Stanley Gardner’s Paris Mason. His story Nagchampa (Jodi Jantem), Satyakam, Pashanda Pandit has been filmed. This great author was awarded by the Rabindra Award – Ajanta Aparupa – 1969, Bankim Award – Roopmanjari – 2000.

Dear readers, in this post I want to share an eminent book of his writing- ‘Abismaraniya Itihaser Pathe-Prantare’. It is a collection of history-based novels and short stories. Table of content-

Itihaser Pathe-Prantare content

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Book name- Abismaraniya Itihaser Pathe-Prantare (অবিস্মরণীয়া ইতিহাসের পথে-প্রান্তরে)
Written by- Narayan Sanyal
Book Type- History-based novels and short stories
File type- pdf
Pages- 295
PDF size- 10mb
Quality- best, no watermark

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