WBCS 15 Years Prelims Question Papers Pdf Collection

WBCS 15 Years Prelims Question Papers (2008-2022) Pdf Collection

WBCS 15 Years Prelims Question Papers

One of the government service examinations in the state of West Bengal is the WBCS examination (West Bengal Civil Service Examination). Every year a large number of meritorious candidates take part in this examination. Eligible candidates for various high-ranking administrative posts of the state government are selected through this examination.

The West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) prepared these WBCS exams and question papers. Question papers are available in Bengali and English. Eligible candidates for WBCS are selected through Preliminary and Main examinations. The preliminary examination consists of 200 questions on a total of eight subjects. The value of the answer to each question is number 1.

Questions arise from topics such as India’s freedom struggle, history, geography, political science, economics, English, science, current affairs, mathematics, and reasoning.

As it is not an easy task to pass the West Bengal Civil Service Examination, the candidates who have passed the examination have to work hard. Today we have brought this post for the convenience of WBCS exam candidates. This post provides a PDF download link for the last 15 years of WBCS Exam Preliminary Question Papers.
Candidates must observe last year’s questions to understand what kind of questions are given for this exam. You can collect last year’s question papers from this post.

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Sl. No.YearWBCS Prelim question papers Pdf links
1.WBCS Prelim 2008 ➪Collect The Pdf
2.WBCS Prelim 2009 ➪Collect The Pdf
3.WBCS Prelim 2010 ➪Collect The Pdf
4.WBCS Prelim 2011 ➪Collect The Pdf
5.WBCS Prelim 2012 ➪Collect The Pdf
6.WBCS Prelim 2013 ➪Collect The Pdf
7.WBCS Prelim 2014 ➪Collect The Pdf
8.WBCS Prelim 2015 ➪Collect The Pdf
9.WBCS Prelim 2016 ➪Collect The Pdf
10.WBCS Prelim 2017 ➪Collect The Pdf
11.WBCS Prelim 2018 ➪Collect The Pdf
12.WBCS Prelim 2019 ➪Collect The Pdf
13.WBCS Prelim 2020 ➪Collect The Pdf
14.WBCS Prelim 2021 ➪Collect The Pdf
15.WBCS Prelim 2022 ➪Collect The Pdf

Dear readers, Collect these Previous 15 years of WBCS Prelim question papers pdf

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