Thagi by Nikhil Sarkar (Sripantha) pdf

Thagi by Sripantha, Bengali real historical story book pdf

Thagi by Nikhil Sarkar (Sripantha)

‘Thagi’ is a story book of real thugs. The story of Khun, plunder, and faith organized by them. This ‘Thagi’ is the story of how thousands of people are murdered and how they kill thousands of people is based on superstition. And there is no evidence, no witness in this heinous act. This Thagi is the most ruthless, the most skilled, and at the same time the most brutal khuni in history.
All readers will have a lot of fun reading this book which is written on an impossibly interesting real topic. The author has written such a beautiful article on such an unknown subject, hats off to him.
The real name under the pseudonym “Sripantha” is Nikhil Sarkar. He is a prominent Bengali writer, editor, and journalist. Besides journalism, Sripantha has written several historical and research books for a long time.

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Book name- ‘Thagi’
Author- Nikhil Sarkar (Sripantha)
Book Type- Historical story book
File type- pdf
Pages- 225
PDF size- 19Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Dear readers, now you can collect this Hindu religion Drama Book- ‘Thagi by Nikhil Sarkar (Sripantha)‘ bengali book pdf free download

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