Tarashis Gangopadhyay’s Spiritual Books Collection pdf

Tarashis Gangopadhyay’s Spiritual Books Collection pdf

Tarashis Gangopadhyay's Spriritual Books pdf

In this post, PDFs of several collections of spiritual books written by Tarashis Gangopadhyay are shared. He is a shining star of Bengali spiritual literature. These books are-
Kashidhame Ajo Ghote Aghatan (কাশীধামে আজো ঘটে অঘটন)
Brojodhame Ajo Ghote Aloukik (ব্রজধামে আজো ঘটে অলৌকিক)
Brindabone Ajo Ghote Aghatan (বৃন্দাবনে আজো ঘটে অঘটন)
Gyanganger Amritoloke (জ্ঞানগঞ্জের অমৃতলোকে)
Otindriya Jagater Aahban (অতীন্দ্রিয় জগতের আহ্বান)
Dighar Saikate Mayer Kole (দীঘার সৈকতে মায়ের কোলে)
Devoloker Amrita Sandhane (দেবলোকের অমৃতসন্ধানে)
Brindaboner Pothe Pothe (বৃন্দাবনের পথে পথে)
Sangrilar Guptajogi (সাংগ্রীলার গুপ্তযোগী)
Mahasindhur Opar Theke (মহা সিন্ধুর ওপার থেকে)

Devoloker Amrita Sandhane– A detailed literary account of a pilgrim’s mystic experiences in the backdrop of the Himalayas where miracles still happen.
Kashidhame Ajo Ghote Aghatan– This is a detailed account of the author’s mystic experiences in Kashidham and his unique vicinity with the great grihabodhut Sanatanbhai, who has attained the sidhhi while performing the sacred Akashbritti in Kashidham. The divine experiences of this grihabodhut prove that miracles still happen there,even in these days.
Mahasindhur Opar Theke– A book on life beyond death.
Sangrilar Guptajogi– This book is the mystic narrative of a great Tibetan Lama who visited the secret Buddhist Gompha Of Sangrila, hidden away in the valleys of remote Tibetan plateau with a highly evolved soul and maha yogi Rechung Lama. He had also enlightened the author with the minute details of his experience of the Yogsadhana of Sangrila he performed there to achieve siddhi.
Brojodhame Ajo Ghote Aloukik-This is a detailed account of an elderly man’s mystic experiences by Srimati Radharani and Shri Krishna’s grace in Brojodham, and also of His close proximity to one of the greatest Vaishnava saints of Brojodham. Later he became a devoted disciple of this great Vaishnava saint and accompanied him to Brajodham Parikrama. The divine experiences of this elderly person in Vrindavan as well as in Brojodham, the mystic experiences of different saints of Brojodham as well as the divine Leela performed by Srimati Radharani and Shri Krishna from time to time in different temples and tirthas depicted in the book “Brojodhmaey Aajo Ghote Alonkik – Vrindavan Parva” proves that miracles still happen there, even in today’s modern world.
Mahasindhur Opar Theke– An impeccable account of the wonderful divine experience of seeing different levels of the afterlife.

Kashidhame Ajo Ghote Aghatan- PDF Download
Brojodhame Ajo Ghote Aloukik- PDF Download
Brindabone Ajo Ghote Aghatan- PDF Download
Gyanganger Amritoloke- PDF Download
Otindriya Jagater Aahban- PDF Download
Dighar Saikate Mayer Kole- PDF Download
Devoloker Amrita Sandhane- PDF Download
Brindaboner Pothe Pothe- PDF Download
Sangrilar Guptajogi- PDF Download
Mahasindhur Opar Theke- PDF Download

Book Type- Spiritual books
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