Subarnalata by Ashapurna Devi(High Quality) Bangla book pdf

Subarnalata by Ashapurna Devi(High Quality) Bangla book pdf

Subarnalata by Ashapurna Devi pdf

Ashapurna Devi, one of the best writers of Bengali literature and ‘Subarnalata’ (সুবর্ণলতা) is one of her three best novels, another two novels are- Bakul Katha and Pratham Pratishruti. The novel ‘Subarnalata’ is a symbol of the desperate suffering of a soul. The social status and barriers of women in the first half of the twentieth century are very clear from this novel.

“সুবর্ণলতা” Summary of the story-

The first novel in the series- ‘Pratham Pratishruti’ which ended with Subarnalata’s sudden marriage. Subarnalata last saw her mother at the age of nine, and the mother and daughter were never seen again – this is very painful. As if the girl was snatched from the mother’s lap. In this story, we see that as she grew older she began to get her mother’s thoughts.
Subarnalata found such a father-in-law’s house where she had to read books in secret. So Subarnalatha seems to be much more unfortunate than her mother Satyavati. All her life she had kept his head down and when she went to stand for a while, she was suppressed, she was not allowed to fulfill any hobby.
She wanted their new home to have a porch on the south side. But her husband and brothers-in-law did not put the porch there, they show the cause was ‘women can’t stand on the porch’. Meanwhile, her husband had taken a lot from her by promising to build that south porch. The day she sees that the porch is not there, she gets a big hit. Subarnalata has often done good things for the family, her sister-in-law is married with all her jewelry, and instead, she got humiliated. In anger and grief she tried to commit suicide more than once, no, she did not get sympathy, she got more humiliation and torture. Even her sons did not look back at her. She could not raise her sons and daughters as her own choice.
But later she got a south porch, lying on that porch and giving up her last breath. Read this remarkable novel.

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Book name- Subarnalata
Written by- Ashapurna Devi
Book Type- A novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 294
PDF size- 19mb
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Dear readers, collect the remarkable Bangla novel- ‘Subarnalata by Ashapurna Devi‘ Bangla book pdf.

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