Sonar Biskut by Shekhar Basu Bengali Kindle pdf

By | January 29, 2019

Sonar Biskut by Shekhar Basu Bengali Kindle Version pdf

Sonar Biskut by Shekhar Basu

‘Sonar Biskut’ is a Bangla detective story for children and its author Shekhar Basu is well-known as a detective story writer. Shekhar Babu wrote a series of teenage detective novel in ‘Anandamela’ patrika and that’s the name was ‘Sonar Biskut’ in 1977. Then he wrote several detective story for older people.

I want to share a detective story book that was very famous at that time- ‘Sonar Biskut by Shekhar Basu’ in pdf.
Collect the pdf or Read online
Book name- Sonar Biskut
Author- Shekhar Basu
Book type- detective story
File format- PDF (kindle version)
Pages- 165
File size- 6mb
Quality- best, no watermark

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