Shishu-Kishorder Byam Shiksha by Abdul Hamid pdf

Shishu-Kishorder Byam Shiksha by Abdul Hamid ebook pdf

Shishu-Kishorder Byam Shiksha

Our attention to child-body-exercises for child-health is unfortunately very inadequate. We often do not care about our children’s body exercises. As a result children in our country often suffer from various diseases. Their health becomes a cause for concern. But as a guardian, we should take special care of their health. Because children are the future backbone of our nation. Child or adult, physical exercise is absolutely necessary for all. If you want a fitness body and a good mentality then there is no substitute for physical exercise. Children are not beyond this, rather, child-body exercises are essential for their good health and mentality because they will become a good citizen.
This “Shishu-Kishorder Byam Shiksha” book has been published in view of these goals.

Friends, now I want to share a book of children and teenage exercise learning- ‘Shishu-Kishorder Byam Shiksha’ in pdf.
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Book name- Shishu-Kishorder Byam Shiksha
Author- Abdul Hamid
Book type- Educational
File format- PDF
Pages- 55
File size- 1mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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