Shesh Namaskar – Santosh Kumar Ghosh Bangla Novel

Shesh NamaskarSantosh Kumar Ghosh Bangla Novel pdf

Shesh Namaskar

Santosh Kumar Ghosh (born on 9 September 1920 – death on 26 February 1985) is a prominent Bengali penman and journalist. This author’s literary work began with poetry. His first novel – ‘Nana Ranger Din’ from which, we got a new composition style in Bangla literature. ‘Kinu Goalar Gali‘ is another notable work of his. ‘Jol Dao’, ‘Samoy Amar Samoy’, ‘Momer Putul’, ‘Mukher Rekha’, ‘Renu Tomar Mon’, ‘Trinayan’, ‘Swayong Nayok’ etc. are the example of his unforgettable creation.

Now I want to share a notable book ‘Shesh Namaskar – Shricharaneshu Make’ it is an autobiographical novel of his. This book won the literary Academy Award in 1973.

Bengali readers can collect another famous book of this author ‘Shesh Namaskar’ in pdf

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Written by- Santosh Kumar Ghosh
Book type- Novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 400
PDF size- 16mb
Quality- best, without any watermark

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