Saper Kamor O Tar Protikar Bangla ebook pdf

Saper Kamor O Tar Protikar Bangla ebook pdf file

Saper Kamor O Tar Protikar pdf

This booklet is written for the general public and physicians on the treatment of snake bites and other related issues. The scientific treatment of snake bites, which can save lives from death but it is not always guaranteed, particularly for public misconceptions about poisonous snakes in Bengal.

This booklet is written to eliminate all these misconceptions and to warn about various myths, as well as to give scientific ideas about the poisonous snakes bite and its cure.
So readers, collect the life-saver booklet- ‘Saper Kamor O Tar Protikar’ (Snakebite and its remedy) by West Bengal Government in pdf.

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Book name- Saper Kamor O Tar Protikar
Published By- Institute of health and family welfare, West Bengal
Book Type- Medical Books
File type- pdf
Pages- 24 (Double Pages)
PDF size- 2mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Collect the life-saver Bangla booklet– ‘Saper Kamor O Tar Protikar‘ (Snakebite and its remedy) Bangla ebook pdf.

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