Saheb Bibi Golam by Bimal Mitra bangla book in pdf

By | September 24, 2019

Saheb Bibi Golam by Bimal Mitra bangla book in pdf

Saheb Bibi Golam by Bimal Mitra ebook pdf

Bimal Mitra was born on March 18, 1921, in Kolkata. He is the hero of Bengali literature. Just the hero? No, he is the greatest of Bangla literature. He became famous by writing a novel ‘Saheb Bibi Golam’ in five decades. His other famous novels are- ‘Kori Diye Kinlam’, ‘Ekak Dashak Shatak’, ‘Cholo Kolkata’, ‘Pati Porom Guru’, ‘Asami Hajir’, etc.

‘Saheb Bibi Golam’ in this novel, Bimal Babu has written the history of the rise of the zamindars of Bengal and their disappearance due to decay. This book draws on the history of Bengal, the zamindar society of Calcutta, a historical period of a special time.
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Book name- Saheb Bibi Golam
Written by- Bimal Mitra
File type- pdf
Pages- 702
PDF size- 59mb
Quality- best, no watermark

**Dear readers, if you like the book after reading the pdf then you may collect the hardcopy of this book- Saheb Bibi Golam.
Collect the eminent novel– ‘Saheb Bibi Golam by Bimal Mitra‘ bangla book in pdf.

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