Rohoo Chandaler Har (kindle) by Avijit Sen Bangla boi pdf

Rohoo Chandaler Har (kindle) by Avijit Sen Bangla boi pdf file

Rohoo Chandaler Har (kindle) by Avijit Sen
‘Rohoo Chandaler Har’ is a special addition to the Bengali novel. This novel is about the life struggle of a nomad group of north Bengal. The marginal people who mentioned in this novel they are the holders and carriers of an unknown obscure religion. Author Avijit Sen called they ‘Bajikar’.
It is Avijit Sen’s first published novel and this is one of the best novels of this period.

Now I want to share this remarkable novel of this author- ‘Rohoo Chandaler Har’
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Book name- Rohoo Chandaler Har
Writer- Avijit Sen
Book type- novel
File format- pdf (kindle version)
Total pages- 426
Pdf size- 19mb
Quality- not bad

Dear readers can collect this novel- ‘Rohoo Chandaler Har’ in pdf.

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