Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikroma by Manoranjan Basu ebook pdf

Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikroma by Manoranjan Basu, Bengali ebook pdf

Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikroma by Manoranjan Basu pdf

Ramakrishna Sadhan Parikrama, written in three chapters, is an extension of Ramakrishna’s Phenamenne. This expansion is limited to the discussion of the miraculous deeds of Gadadhar Chattopadhyay of Kamarpukur, Ramakrishna, the priest and devotee of Dakshineswara, and Sri Guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsadeva, the Lokguru. Although each chapter is different in terms of subject matter, the whole composition is an expression of the same identity.

Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikroma

The first chapter gives a brief description of the childhood of the boy Gadadhar, such as the mentality of the boy Gadadhar, his life goal, Kaul reform, tradition, environment, surroundings. etc.
The subject of the second chapter is ‘Sadhak Ramakrishna-Dakshineswara’.
At the age of seventeen, Bored, Bibagi Gadadhar arrived in Calcutta and worked at the temple of Ma-Bhavatarini of Dakshineswar, founded by Rani Rasamoni, and finally, he held himself at the feet of Ma-Bhavatarini.
The third chapter deals with the establishment of Sri Ramakrishna in the public life as a Lake Guru, the contribution of Ramakrishna in the social life of that time, the beginning of a new tradition among the devout disciples, etc.

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Book name- ‘Ramkrishna Sadhan Parikroma’ (রামকৃষ্ণ সাধনা পরিক্রমা)
Author- Manoranjan Basu
Book Type- Bangla book about Ramkrishna
File type- pdf
Pages- 148
PDF size- 9Mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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