Ramkathar Prak Itihas by Sukumar Sen pdf

Ramkathar Prak Itihas by Sukumar Sen pdf
There is no doubt that Dr. Sukumar Sen holds a prominent position in the field of comparative linguistics, Bengali literature and culture. Dr. Sen has also made relentless efforts in the subtle analysis of Indian culture and that is certainly a matter of our pride.

Ramkathar Prak Itihas by Sukumar Sen pdf

The ‘Ramayana’ is the content of the religion of the people of India and it has been well-established for centuries. Ramchandra is revered by many as one of the incarnations of this book. The divinity of Rama-Sita and their great ideology is deeply ingrained in Indian life. Usually we take the story of Ramayana indiscriminately and pay homage to Balmiki as the creator of this story.

In the book ‘Ramkathar Prak Itihas’, the author has revealed the evolution of the story of Ramayana from pre-Balmiki period with the help of historical evidence. There is no doubt that this book will arouse the curiosity of the curious readers about the story of Ramayana.

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Book name- Ramkathar Prak Itihas (রামকথার প্রাক ইতিহাস)
Author- Dr. Sukumar Sen
Book Type- The Religion book
File type- pdf
Pages- 47 (double pages)
PDF size- 26Mb
Courtesy- Original uploader
Quality- good, no watermark

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