Rakta Kalir Math by Gouri Dey pdf

Rakta Kalir Math by Gouri Dey, Bengali Ghost Story Book Pdf

Rakta Kalir Math by Gouri Dey pdf

The era is changing so the reading taste of the reader is also changing. Miraculous and mystery stories are becoming the favorite of readers nowadays. So the author has done a new type of research on these stories. That is the touch of mystery in supernatural or ghost stories. Readers who love stories on both these themes will get a taste of both in these stories. And in this, the author has mixed some historical information. Readers will surely love these new types, new flavor stories.

These types of 10 stories are-
Rakta Kalir Math (রক্তকালীর মাঠ)
Atithi (অতিথি )
Aleya (আলেয়া)
Danob (দানব)
Katamandu (কাটামুণ্ডু)
Choloman Ghatana (চলমান ঘটনা )
Mambatir Aloy (মোমবাতির আলোয়)
Pratihingsa (প্রতিহিংসা)
Bhooture Khela (ভূতুড়ে খেলা )
Kiuriya Ghar (কিউরিও ঘর)

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Book name- Rakta Kalir Math (রক্তকালীর মাঠ)
Author- Dr. Gouri Dey
Book Type- Ghost Story Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 124
PDF size- 7Mb
Quality- Best, no watermark,

Collect this Ghost Story Collection Book– ‘Rakta Kalir Math by Gouri Dey‘ Bengali Ghost Story Book Pdf

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