Rajyer Rupkatha by Sourindramohan Mukhopadhyay pdf

Rajyer Rupkatha by Sourindramohan Mukhopadhyay pdf file
Rajyer Rupkatha by Sourindramohan Mukhopadhyay

Balkan and Kafri Desher Rupkatha

The word “fairy tale” is derived from the fable. Fable means fabulous story. Many people say that, the fable is blooming with color, its name is fairytale! But again many people think that, fairy tale created from the slang of fable like ‘ru’ Rupkatha in place of ‘u’ Upokatha. Thus the word ‘fairy tale’ has arisen.
Anyway now I want to share with all my sweet little friends, a fairy tale book ‘Rajyer Rupkatha‘ in a pdf file. There are twenty-two amusing stories for children in this collection.
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Book name- Rajyer Rupkatha
Author- Sourindramohan Mukhopadhyay
Book type- Children stories collection
File type- pdf
Pages- 236
PDF size- 10mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

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