Professor Shanku Bangla Comics Collection ebooks pdf

Professor Shanku Bangla Comics Collection ebooks pdf

Professor Shanku Bangla Comics pdf

Professor Trilokeshwar Shanku is a popular character of Bengali science fiction. Satyajit Ray created this character in 1961. Professor Trilokeshwar Shanku is better known as Professor Shanku. He is a scientist and inventor. His specialty is that he is primarily a physicist, but his free movement in all branches of science; he knows 69 languages, can read hieroglyphs, he could read first the Harappa and Mahinjodaro scriptures, and he has a good understanding of the geographical position, religion, social mores and world literature of all the countries of the world. Professor Shanku is a sharp intellectual, honest and patriotic man. He respected the traditional heritage of India and also respected the ancient literature and art of the whole world.

Friends, now I want to share a lot of Comics Collection ebooks pdf of Professor Shanku by Satyajit Roy.

PDF’s qualities are good, and without any watermark

  1. Prof. Sonku – Manro dwiper rohosso
    Pages- 32
    PDF Size- 8mb
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  2. Prof. Sonku – Aschorjontu
    Pages- 30
    PDF Size- 6mb
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  3. Professor Shanku O Egipsio Atanka
    Pages- 21
    PDF Size- 5mb
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  4. Professor Shonku O UFO
    Pages- 40
    PDF Size- 10mb
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  5. Shanku O Aadim Manush
    Pages- 25
    PDF Size- 7mb
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  6. Shonku – Eksringo Abhijaan
    Pages- 78
    PDF Size- 18mb
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  7. Shonku – Haar Robu
    Pages- 54
    PDF Size- 14mb
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  8. Shonku-Manro Dwip-Aschorjo Jontu
    Pages- 66
    PDF Size- 19mb
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  9. Shonkur Congo Obhijan
    Pages- 42
    PDF Size- 12mb
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  10. Swapnodweep
    Pages- 26
    PDF Size- 11mb
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Satyait Roy’s Professor Shanku Bangla Comics Collection ebooks pdf

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