Prithibir Sera Rupkotha by Himangshu Joshi pdf

Prithibir Sera Rupkotha Bengali ebook PDF download

Prithibir Sera Rupkotha by Himangshu Joshi pdf

The folklore of any country is formed by combining the imagination and ideals of the people’s life there. It can be said without a doubt that these stories are a priceless and inexhaustible wealth of people’s life in those countries. Fairy tales not only make children dream but also help them to know many things. The writing style of this book is as beautiful as its language is simple and lively, suitable for children.
This book contains a collection of thirteen fairy tales from thirteen countries including India. The countries are Bhutan, Tibet, Iran, Maria, Yugoslavia, Norway, Soviet Russia, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Japan, Zambia, America, and India.

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Book name- Prithibir Sera Rupkotha (পৃথিবীর সেরা রূপকথা)
Author- Himangshu Joshi
Translated by- Maya Gupta
Book Type- Fairy tale/Children’s Literature
File type- pdf
Pages- 68
PDF size- 8mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Collect the Fairy tale book– ‘Prithibir Sera Rupkotha by Himangshu Joshi‘ Bengali ebook PDF download.

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