Pratyanta Banglay Guptabidya- Prabodh Kumar Bhowmick bangla pdf

Pratyanta Banglay Guptabidya- Prabodh Kumar Bhowmick bangla pdf

Pratyanta Banglay Guptabidya pdf

Pratyanta Banglay Guptabidya’ is a translation book of “Akalitijam In Fring Bengal” which is written by Dr. Prabodh Kumar Bhaumik who is an anthropologist at the University of Calcutta. This is the first book written in English on AkalTitism. And the book translated into Bangla by Debobrata Bhattachariya. This book is very useful for any topic related to Akalitijam related research.
There is no specific topic called Guptabidya. Because, there are so many things, such as Dakini Bidya (Witchcraft), Shakunbidya (augury), Sanmohanbidya (hypnotism), etc., all of which are covered under Guptabidya. Most of these disciplines work on the activities, ritual events are held in strict secrecy.
But do not think it that all the occult practices are only limited to the land of remote Bengal. The history of these activities is very ancient. These are going on for thousands of years and these activities are very much involved in the social life of tribal communities of India. In the brief discussion of the contents of this book, it is clear that the practice of Guptabidya is not a sudden or isolated incident, not just blind faith again, it is not entirely evil or folly. To know all the mystery of Guptabidya in remote Bengal, read the valuable Bangla book.

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Book name- Pratyanta Banglay Guptabidya
Writer- Prabodh Kumar Bhowmick
Translated by- Debobrata Bhattachariya
Book type- Researched Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 157
PDF size- 6mb
Quality- good, no watermark
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