Prachin Bharater Dandaniti Bengali ebook pdf

Prachin Bharater Dandaniti Bengali article ebook pdf

Prachin Bharater Dandaniti pdf

In ancient Indian scriptures, what was meant by the word ‘penal policy (Dandaniti)’, what is the meaning of the word ‘penal policy’? We do not have a clear idea of it today. Therefore, it is appropriate to show clearly what is meant by the penal policy of ancient India. At present, we use the term ‘penalty’ as the consent given by the judges in the court after hearing the statements of the plaintiff and the defendant and giving evidence against the plaintiff or the defendant with the help of witness evidence. That is why when people say ‘penal policy’, they usually think of it as a conventional court system. But ‘penal policy’ does not only mean the judicial system; The punishment provided by the judge is only a small part of the Indian penal code.

Collect the book and known about ancient Indian penal policy in Bengali.

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Book name- ‘Prachin Bharater Dandaniti’ (প্রাচীন ভারতের দণ্ডনীতি)
Author- Jogendra Nath Tarka-Sangkho-Bedantatirtha
Book Type- Bangla Article book
File type- pdf
Pages- 172
PDF size- 3Mb
Quality- HQ, no watermark

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