Notun Nachiketa Omnibus by Nachiketa Chakraborty ebook pdf

Notun Nachiketa Omnibus by Nachiketa Chakraborty ebook pdf

Notun Nachiketa Omnibus pdf

Notun Nachiketa Omnibus, collection of writings by Nachiketa Chakraborty. Born on September 1st, 1965 in Kolkata. His innate talent for writing and singing, reading the stories and novels made by his pen can easily be said if Nachiketa was not a singer, if he did not write songs, he would be a storyteller or a novelist. And he made a permanent place in Bengali literature. This new compilation is the biggest proof of its.
There are eleven stories, two novel, and six belles-lettres in this book.
Stories are-
Agunpakhir Akash
Jomer Aruchi
Astacholer Durgo

Janmodiner Raat

Amar Dekha Sobcheye Boro Ganesh Holo Politburu
‘Egye, Du-Gale Chor Marar Por..’
Subhashda Jite Gelen
Amal Rudra
I LUV kkhg
Chape Chhoto Mape Boro

Lal Phite Sada Moja (Nilanjana-1)
Dhekhe Ja Anirban
Kono Ek Ulto Raja
Jedin Tumi Bhalobesechhile Nirswartho (Poulomi)
Barotay Office Asi (Sarkari Karmochari)
Rajshree Tomar Jonyo (Rajshree)
Jonota Janardhan (Jibito Bibahito)
Chhele Amar Mosto Manush (Briddhashram)
Tumi Asbe Bolei
O Dactor
Aditya Sen
Amar Sona

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Book name- Notun Nachiketa Omnibus
Written by- Nachiketa Chakraborty
Book Type- Collection
File type- pdf
Pages- 188
PDF size- 30mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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