Nirbachita Kobita- Birendra Chattopadhyay free ebook pdf

By | May 28, 2019

Nirbachita Kobita- Birendra Chattopadhyay free ebook pdf

Nirbachita Kobita- Birendra Chattopadhyay

Selected Bengali poems of Birendra Chattopadhyay. Poet: Birendra Chattopadhyay is one of the best poets of modern Bangla literature. Love, nature, people from all sides, social movements, etc. are the main ingredients of his poems. His poetry is surrounded by intense awareness and responsibility. Trust and confidence in socialism control his poetry. His notable poetry-books are- Grahachyuta, Ranur Janya, Lakhindar, Mahadeber Duar, etc.

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Book name- Nirbachita Kobita
Writer- Birendra Chattopadhyay
Book type- poetry book
Edited by- Pulak Chanda
File type- pdf
Pages- 168
PDF size- 3mb
Quality- good, light watermark
Collect this poetry book of ‘Nirbachita Kobita- Birendra Chattopadhyay’ free ebook pdf.

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