Na Hanyate by Maitreyi Devi ebook pdf

Na Hanyate by Maitreyi Devi, Bengali autobiographical ebook pdf

Na Hanyate by Maitreyi Devi book

Maitreyi Devi’s “No Hanyate” is not only an autobiography, but it also is the answer to a book ‘La Nuit Bengalie’ written by Mircha Eliad forty years ago, a book in contrast to a book.
The author won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1976 for writing this book. ‘Na Hanyate’, meaning ‘It does not die’ or ‘No decay, no death’! This is basically the autobiographical book of the author Maitreyi Devi. If I had not read this book, I would not have known that such love, such deep love, can be found in life at all. So dear readers must read these to book.

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Book name- Na Hanyate (ন হন্যতে)
Author- Maitreyi Devi
Book Type- Autobiography book
File type- pdf
Pages- 188
PDF size- 34Mb
Quality- good, no watermark.

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