Mrityur Pore O Atmar Katha Bengali ebook Pdf

Mrityur Pore O Atmar Katha Bengali Translated ebook Pdf

Mrityur Pore O Atmar Katha pdf

Dr. Maurice Rawlings has saved many heart-attack dead patients by applying the Resuscitation method. Some of them who have come back to life after dying have described their afterlife experiences. When the patient was dead and the doctors were trying to revive him, the dead person gave a full account of who was in the room or what was coming or what the doctors were doing to his body or what he said or what he was dressed like. Later when his descriptions were matched and it matched perfectly.

This proves that apart from the gross body there is now a sattva or subtle body which can see, hear and remember all that.
Dr. Maurice Rawlings has not only accepted what he has noticed as true but the thesis he has prepared after investigating his scientific theory has been published in the form of a book.

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Book name- Mrityur Pore O Atmar Katha (মৃত্যুর পরে ও আত্মার কথা)
Editor and Translator – Hiralal Chakrabarty
Book type- Spiritual
File type- pdf
Pages- 118
PDF size- 9mb
Quality- good, without any watermark
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