Moumachhi Palon by Charuchandra Ghosh, pdf

Moumachhi Palon by Charuchandra Ghosh, ebook pdf

Moumachhi Palon by Charuchandra Ghosh pdf

Except for a few places like Khasia hills, Darjiling etc., nowhere else in our country bee farming is not particularly popular. Many people don’t know the rules of farming although they want to do it. The method of bee farming in all those places is also old. This book describes the way bees are reared in Britain, America, Australia and other countries. If you want to keep bees, you need to know the nature and behavior of bees well. This book also tries to explain that as much as possible.

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Book name- ‘Moumachhi Palon‘ (মৌমাছি পালন)
Written by- Charuchandra Ghosh
Book Type- Informative book
File type- pdf
Pages- 109
PDF size- 10Mb
Quality- good, no watermark
Dear readers, Collect this informative book- ‘Moumachhi Palon by Charuchandra Ghosh‘ Bengali Book pdf

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