Map of Bones-James Rollins Bangla Anubad pdf

Map of Bones-James Rollins Bangla Anubad pdf file

Map of Bones by James Rollins Bangla Anubad

It is an amazing novel filled with action and adventure. The second novel in the Sigma Force series, ‘Map of Bones’ is a unique creation of the famous US mystery novelist James Rollins. This unique book revolves around the impenetrable puzzle and filled with mystery and the mysteries focus on the ancient biblical (Bible related) myths.

There are ancient myths along with modern science, this novel written in the context of ancient myths as well as history. This book will provide readers many unknown information.
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Book name- Map of Bones
Written by- James Rollins
Translated by- Rabin Jaman Khan
Book genre- the mystery novel
File format- PDF
Pages- 678
File size- 12mb
Quality- HQ, no watermark

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