Majarumama – Ashapurna Debi Bangla Majadar Galper boi

Majarumama – Ashapurna Debi Bangla Majadar Galper boi pdf

Majarumama - Ashapurna Debi
Ashapurna Debi (Born on January 8, 1909 – Death on 13th July 1995). She is undoubtedly first-row writer in the Bengali fiction world. The Bangali life of the twentieth century, especially the lifestyle and psychology of ordinary Bangali women, these are the main content of her writings. She has written from the beginning about the women’s rights and against patriarchal society. She thought about the emancipation of women in the society and the literary world of Bangla. This versatile talented lady author had the equal skill in poetry, story and novel writing. As a result, we got one and a half thousand short stories and more than 250 novels from her.

**From this blog readers can also collect her writing- Rani Mayabatir Antardhan Rahasya
Saptasindhu Dashdiganta

Now I want to share with my dear teenage friends, an amusing book of her writing- ‘Majarumama’ in pdf file

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Book name- Majarumama
Writer- Ashapurna Debi
Book type- Teenage Story
File type- pdf
Pages- 110
PDF size- 7mb
Quality- good, without any watermark

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