Kuri Satikar Asamiya Byanga Galpa Sankalan PDF

Kuri Satikar Asamiya Byanga Galpa Sankalan PDF

Asamiya Byanga Galpa Sankalan pdf

This is an anthology of satirical short stories in Assamese edited by Sri Kumud Goswami and Sri Bhupendra Narayan Bhattacharya.
There are thirty-two story collection in this book and all this stories are written by eminent authors in Assamese, they are- Chandra Prasad Soikiya, Biju Hajarika, Ananda Goswami, Tilok Hajarika, Nobokanta Baruya, Sayed Abdul Malik, Trilokya Nath Goswami, Nalini Sharma, Jamuna Sharma Chowdhuri, Nabaran Bhattacharya, Bijay Shankar Sharma, Narmada Chafai, Arun Goswami, and many more.

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Book name- ‘Asamiya Byanga Galpa Sankalan’
Written by- Various authors
Edited by- Kumud Goswami and Bhupendra Narayan
Book Type- Asamiya humorous story collection
File type- pdf
Pages- 343
PDF size- 18Mb
Quality- good, no watermark
Dear readers, Collect this humorous story collection book- ‘Kuri Satikar Asamiya Byanga Galpa Sankalan‘ Assamese books pdf

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