Kamalakanter Patra Bangla Book pdf

Kamalakanter Patra, Bangla ebook pdf

Kamalakanter Patra pdf

These letters are written to highlight the prejudices and misconceptions that exist in our society. There is no author’s name in this book. But whoever the writer is, he has a social perspective. He also has a lot of experience in how to hit where and how to do it.
Although the book is not easy everywhere, the language is very simple, simple, and juicy.

Each of these well-thought-out, well-written letters will make the reader think. These will give them time to think about their true situation and the overall situation of the country. The author of these letters has not bathed the ever-brilliant ‘Kamalakanta’ by adopting the name ‘Kamalakanta’ – rather he has added new ideas to that immortal writing and added to the wealth of a rich and brilliant literature.
This book has collected 30 letters of Re-incarnated Kamalakanta.

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Book name- ‘Kamalakanter Patra’ (কমলাকান্তের পত্র)
Written by – Unknown
Book Type- Sarcastic Writing
File type- pdf
Pages- 326
PDF size- 16Mb
Quality- Good, no watermark,
Dear readers, Collect a Bengali book- ‘Kamalakanter Patra‘ Bangla ebook pdf

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