Kalki Purana Bangla pdf book

Kalki Purana Bangla pdf book

Kalki Purana Bangla pdf

Some words about Kalki Avatar and Kalki Purana

Kalki (Devanagari: कल्कि) is an avatar of Hinduism who will emerge as the savior of human society in the Koli era. Kalki is the ultimate form of Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology, the Kalki Avatar will appear in the hands of an open sword on a white horse’s back. The Kalki Avatar will appear sitting on the white horse’s back with an open sword. Kalki Avatar will end the Kali era and start the Satya Yuga (Truth era).
The term Kalki is used in the form of time. The origin of the word is found in the Sanskrit language, Kalka means ominous. The word Kalki is now translated as an ominous destroyer, ignorant destroyer or darkness remover. The term Kalki in Sanskrit means white horse.
God will appear as Kalki Avatar at the end of this age. After he destroys the ungodly and ends his duties, very few people will survive, who are honest and righteous. After the Kalki avatar, the Satya Yuga (true age) will begin again on this earth. To know the details, read the Bangla pdf book- ‘Kalki Purana’.
Here are three books of Kalki Purana translated by three great authors.

Kalki Purana, translated by Swami Jagdisharanand
Pages- 454
PDF Size- 12mb
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Kalki Purana, translated by Balaichand Sen
Pages- 160
PDF Size- 6mb
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Kalki Purana, translated by Jaganmohan Tarkalankar
Pages- 432
PDF Size- 18
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Dear readers, now you can collect the Kalki Purana Bangla pdf book.

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