Jogajog- Rabindranath Tagore Bangla novel pdf

Jogajog- Rabindranath Tagore Bangla novel pdf

Jogajog- Rabindranath Tagore pdf

‘Jogajog’ is a social novel by Rabindranath Tagore. It was published in 1929 (Ashar, 1336). It was first published continuously in the ‘Bichitra’ Patrika from the month of Ashwin 1334 to the month of Chaitra 1335. The title of the novel was ‘Tinpurush’ in the first two issues. Rabindranath changed the title of this novel and gave it the new title ‘Jogajog’.

Summarize the story
The Chattopadhyay family (Bipradas) were once elite, now on the decline. On the other hand, the Ghosal family (Madhusudan) is newly rich and arrogant. There is a dispute between these two families. Kumudini is the sister of Bipradas and the wife of Madhusudan. As a result, she has to handle both sides. Kumudini has been reared in the aristocratic traditions and has followed religious rituals with the women of the family. The idea in her mind about her husband that her husband will be a god whom she will worship. But she moved a little in front of Madhusudan’s prestige and power. She has learned from her childhood how to be a devoted wife, but after the marriage, a psychological conflict began in her mind.

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Book name- Jogajog
Written by- Rabindranath Tagore
Book Type- a social novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 308
PDF size- 15mb
Quality- best, no watermark

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