Jodiyo Sandhya by Humayun Ahmed Bengali story pdf

Jodiyo Sandhya by Humayun Ahmed Bengali story pdf file

Jodiyo Sandhya by Humayun Ahmed

Shawkat is the protagonist of the story, he is a hobo. He is a divorce separately male. He has a child, and the child some exception by mentally. His wife now lives in America, she is married to an American and has returned home with her son for a few days. The purpose of the lady, the boy should be with her ex-husband for a few days, if the mental condition of child is developed.
That’s it There is another, another girl, she is very young at the age of Shawkat, but she loves him. Shawkat care to Anika, another side he does not care Anika. Here Shawkat doesn’t know what do he want? The writer did not want to know the reader what is the Hero’s thinking? The end of the story is somewhat compact.
Now friends, you can collect another story book- ‘Jodiyo Sandhya by Humayun Ahmed’ in pdf file.
Book name- Jodiyo Sandhya
Author- Humayun Ahmed
File format- PDF
Pages- 105
File size- 11mb
Quality- not bad, no watermark
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