Jiboner Anka by Reza Tanvir Bangla ebook pdf

Jiboner Anka by Reza Tanvir Bangla ebook pdf file

Jiboner Anka by Reza Tanvir

‘Jiboner Anka’ is the first published ebook by Reza Tanvir. It is mainly a stories collection book and there are five stories in this book. The narrative of various characters in society are the main theme of these stories. Author Reza Tanvir is a newborn in Bangla literature and he belief that the readers will enjoy to read these stories.

Dear readers, you can collect this ebook pdf- Jiboner Anka by Reza Tanvir, and five stories in this book, these are-

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Book name- Jiboner Anka
Author- Reza Tanvir
File format- PDF
Pages- 86
File size- 650kbps
Quality- HQ, no watermark

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