Jai Jaudheya by Rahul Sankrityayan । Bangla pdf

By | September 15, 2020

Jai Jaudheya by Rahul Sankrityayan – Bangla pdf

Jai Jaudheya by Rahul Sankrityayan pdf

Jai Jaudheya or Joy Yodheyo is a historical novel. Here the political and social conditions of India in the year 350-400 AD (Gupta Sambat 30-80) are depicted. Then Jaudheya was a huge and powerful republic. The state was situated between the Jamuna-Sutlaj i.e. the Chambal-Himalayas. History and our ancient writers have been keeping the crew silent about them, in fact, this name might not have reached us if it had been possible by them.
But who will deny the coins of that time! One day all of them unknowingly took refuge under the ground, today they are shouting and telling as many stories as in the past. So today the forgotten ‘Jaudheya’ has come before us again.

Readers, let us know the story of forgotten history in the pen of the famous Pandit Rahul Sankrityayan of India.

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Book name- Jai Jaudheya (জয় যৌধেয়)
Author- Rahul Sankrityayan
Book Type- Historical Novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 221
PDF size- 16mb
Quality- good, no watermark

Collect the Bengali historical novel– ‘Jai Jaudheya by Rahul Sankrityayan‘ Bangla pdf.

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