Ilish Puran by Digen Barman pdf book free download

By | April 12, 2019

Ilish Puran by Digen Barman pdf book free download

Ilish Puran by Digen Barman pdf book

Ilish (Hilsa) Fish is a popular fish in many countries of the world including Bangladesh. Similarly, this fish is popular in India, Myanmar, and South Asia. The fish in the sea and in the river are delicious, as well as full of nutrients. Hilsha is a fatty fish and it contains abundant fatty acids (omega 3 fatty acids).

Read this book to know all the information related to the Hilsha fish. There are many poems, essays, rhymes, and stories about the Ilish in Bengali language. But the book is the first complete information about the Ilish fish.

Collect the book pdf or Read online
Book name- Ilish Puran
Written by- Digen Barman
Book type- other
File type- pdf
Pages- 127
PDF size- 6mb
Quality- High Quality, without watermark
Friends, collect this Bangla book and know the all information about the most popular fish ‘Ilish Puran by Digen Barman’ pdf book free download.

*After reading the book if you want to collect the hardcopy of the book

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