Gypsir Paye Paye by Sripantha bangla boi pdf

Gypsir Paye Paye by Sripantha bangla boi pdf

Gypsir Paye Paye by Sripantha pdf

A great book to know about Gypsies. In the book, the author introduces you to the gypsies of different countries. Find out their original source. This is a very informative book about Gypsies.
The author of this book, Sripantha was born in 1932, Gauripur of Mymensingh. He did his studies in Mymensingh and Kolkata. Sripantha is a journalist by profession from his young age. Associated with the editorial section of Anandabazar. Alongside journalism, he has been writing research articles for a long time. His study is social history, especially the society and culture of Kolkata. He wrote on the topics of satidaho, devdasi, thagi, harem, etc., as well as he wrote several essays on the background of Kolkata. Notable among them: ‘Ajabnagari’, ‘Sripanther Kolkata’, ‘Jokhon Chhapakhana Elo’, ‘Keyabat Meye’, ‘Metiaburujer Nabab’, Day’, etc.
Now I’m going to share another great book of his writing- Gypsir Paye Paye
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Book name- Gypsir Paye Paye by Sripantha
Writer- Sripantha
Book type- Researched Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 119
PDF size- 10mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Collect the great informative book – ‘Gypsir Paye Paye by Sripantha‘ bangla boi pdf.

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