Goyendapith Lalbazar (HQ) by Supritam Sarkar Bangla book PDF

Goyendapith Lalbazar (HQ) by Supritam Sarkar Bangla book PDF

Ek dozon khuner ruddhaswas nepathyakatha

Goyendapith Lalbazar by Supritam Sarkar pdf

Some words about the book- Goyendapith Lalbazar (গোয়েন্দাপিঠ লালবাজার)

There is a big difference between the fictional detective story like Felu-Byomkesh and the real detective. There is not as much thrill in real crime-investigation as there is in hard work and perseverance. The world of construction is basically, not so much of creation. The work of fictional detective ends in identifying the culprit. The responsibility of the real detectives does not end with the detection of the crime only, there is no respite till the conviction of the guilty in the perfect investigation.
Experienced IPS officer Supratim Sarkar’s book captures the suffocating backstory of twelve sensational murder cases in Kolkata, the achievement of the blood-meat detectives, what-why-when in the investigation. For whatever reason Scotland Yard was compared to Detective Lalbazar, the stories are proof of its. Mystery-thirsty readers will find their supplies on every page of this book. Not just some crime scenes, this book has easily got a place in the new genre of crime literature in its delicious writing and tense format.

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Book name- Goyendapith Lalbazar (গোয়েন্দাপিঠ লালবাজার)
Written by- Supritam Sarkar
Book Type- A nonfiction detective story collection
File type- pdf
Pages- 189
PDF size- 16mb
Quality- HQ, no watermark

Dear readers, collect a nonfiction detective story collection- ‘Goyendapith Lalbazar by Supritam Sarkar‘ Bangla book pdf.

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