Golper Bhoot by Sukumar Sen pdf

Golper Bhoot by Sukumar Sen, Bengali book pdf

Golper Bhoot by Sukumar Sen pdf

This book ‘Golper Bhoot’ was not written for the ghost researcher. The articles in this book are written mainly to satisfy curiosity. This booklet will arouse the curiosity of the general reader, even the younger ones.
The book contains some of the information and analysis accessible to historians of human culture. Those who are not for the current fashion, but those who ask the right questions, cultural historians, will benefit from reading the book.

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Book name- ‘Golper Bhoot’ (গল্পের ভূত)
Author- Sri Sukumar Sen
Book Type- Ghost Story Book
File type- pdf
Pages- 78
PDF size- 10Mb
Uploaded by- Mithu Mitra
Quality- Good, no watermark, Clickable table of content
Dear readers, Collect a Bengali discussion book about Ghost ‘Golper Bhoot by Sukumar Sen’ pdf

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