Dekhi nai fire by Samaresh Basu Bengali book pdf download

Dekhi nai fire by Samaresh Basu pdf

About the novel book:

“Dekhi Nai Fire” is actually a biographical book of Samaresh Basu. It is based on the life on the famous Indian Sculptor Ramkinkar Baij. He was born into a poor family in Bankura, West Bengal. He was so interested in painting since his childhood. But due to poverty, choosing painting as a profession in so difficult for him. Then he went to Shantiniketan for admission. There he received a lot of motivation and inspiration from there teachers. One of his most inspirational teachers was Nandanal Basu who is also a popular Indian artist. Ramkinkar Beij there learned a lot about painting and sculpture. After that, with his very hard work and effort, he becomes a notable sculptor. This book perfectly describes the whole journey of Ramkinkar Baij.

About the writer:

Samaresh Basu(1924-1988) was an extraordinary Bengali writer. His birth name was Surendranath Basu, but he is more famous as Samaresh Basu. he wrote most of his literature under his pseudonym like Kalkut,Vramar,etc. His writings give us a clear reflection of the pain and sorrow of the poor people through his writings. He also connected tightly with the communist movement in the 1940s. So we can see the political issues in his literature. “Uttaranga”,”Ganga”,”Prajapati”,”Bibar”,etc are his populer writings. He gave his ten years of hard work to write down the biography of popular Indian sculptor Ramkinkar Baij. He received the “Sahitya Acadamy Award” in the year 1980.

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Book name- ‘Dekhi nai fire’ (দেখি নাই ফিরে)
Written by – Samaresh Basu
Book Type- biographical book
File type- pdf
Pages- 762
PDF size- 92Mb
Quality- HQ, watermark,
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