Dahan O Dipti by Gajendra Kumar Mitra Novel pdf

Dahan O Dipti by Gajendra Kumar Mitra Bangla Novel pdf

Dahan O Dipti by Gajendra Kumar Mitra

Literary, translator and publisher Gajendrakumar Mitra (born November 11, 1908 – died October 16, 1994). His birth and education in the city of Kolkata. After the completion of school education he started a monthly literary magazine ‘Kothasahitya’ with Sumanthanath.Gajendrakumar’s first published novel ‘Mone Chhilo Asha’ and story book ‘Stryashcharitram’. His novel ‘Kolkatar Kachhei’ was honored with the Akademi award. ‘Kolkarar Kachhei’, ‘Upokanthe’, ‘Pouse Faguner Pala‘- this trilogy is considered as the landmark of modern Bengali fiction. The novel ‘Pouse Faguner Pala’ got Rabindra award in 1964. Gajendrakumar’s writings area are huge and extensive, social novels, mythological novels, historical novels, short stories. Kishore’s literature- he had a free movement at everywhere.

Friends, now I want to share another novel of this author- ‘Dahan O Dipti’ in pdf.
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Book name- Dahan O Dipti
Author- Gajendra Kumar Mitra
Book type- novel
File format- PDF
Pages- 138
File size- 12mb
Quality- best, no watermark

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