Chirosokha by Naba Kumar Basu free ebook pdf

Chirosokha by Naba Kumar Basu free ebook pdf

Chirosokha by Naba Kumar Basu pdf

Naba Kumar Basu (December 10, 1949) is a Bengali literary and doctor. He is the son of famous litterateur Samaresh Basu. As a writer, Samaresh Babu fought so much till death. His own life is another epic novel. His son Nabakumar has kept the struggle memorable in the novel of ‘Chirosokha’ about 5 lakh words. The novel ‘Chirosokha’ was published in Desh Patrika which is based on the life of his father Samaresh Basu and mother Gauri Basu and about their struggling lives.

Naba Kumar Basu is a famous surgeon in the profession. Now living in England. But his love for Bangla language was very early in his life. He has created numerous stories and novels. Besides, he is also the author of the very well-known novel- ‘Chirosokha’.
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Book name- Chirosokha
Writer- Naba Kumar Basu
File type- pdf
Pages- 982
PDF size- 61mb
Quality- good, but watermark
Collect this wonderful novel – ‘Chirosokha by Naba Kumar Basu‘ free ebook pdf.
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