Charitra by Prafulla Roy free ebook pdf

Charitra by Prafulla Roy free ebook pdf file

Charitra by Prafulla Roy

Prafulla Roy is an Indian Bengali writer and specially famous for his novels written for refugees, as ‘Keyapatar Nouko’, ‘Shatodharay Boye Jay’, ‘Uttal Samoyer Itikotha’, ‘Nona Jol Mithe Mati’, etc. The legendary novelist has received lots of rewards throughout his lifetime.

Now I want to share a thriller novel of his writing- ‘Charitra’. This book is Royal Size and about 400 pages. The story event is very fast. Hero of the story is the doer of all works. He is very expert at everything like robbery, theft, fighting, magic. His has a sharp brain. He has many skills in technique. He does not wait for anyone, takes works and done works. In fact, one type of freelance agent in the criminal world. But the mind is not bad. He cares a lot of orphans. Incidentally, in the story, he gets a contact one businessman has to be destroyed. who given the job, he is not a very good man. But story hero does not want to think about these, get involved in the work. Then from the beginning to the end, there is a lot of beat-clash and try to move towards the goal.

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Book name- Charitra
Written by- Prafulla Roy
Book type- a thriller novel
File type- pdf
Pages- 438
PDF size- 16mb
Quality- good, without watermark
Collect the bangla thriller novel ‘Charitra by Prafulla Roybangla book pdf.

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