Biyer Shabdakosh by Haripada Bhowmick Bangla boi pdf

Biyer Shabdakosh by Haripada Bhowmick Bangla boi pdf file

Biyer Shabdakosh by Haripada Bhowmick

Marriage was divided into three genre like religious, ungodly and reproached. The traditional style of marriage has got a different look by the mix with two tradition like Arya and Pragarya.
Various regional folklore has been created in the context of the marriage of each region of Bengal. When self caste broke down, then the Vedic tradition and Local folklore combine with each other and the tradition of marriage started to get a new look. Every ritual-ceremony has a name. Lots of rituals have been lost. That history has never been written.
The author tried to write about the subject of marriage by topic.

I want to share the above-said documentation book- ‘Biyer Shabdakosh by Haripada Bhowmick’ in pdf.
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Book name- Biyer Shabdakosh
Author- Haripada Bhowmick
Book type- documentation
File format- PDF
Pages- 203
File size- 12mb
Quality- good, no watermark

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