Bhogoban Er Sathe Kichhukshan by Krishan Chander pdf

Bhogoban Er Sathe Kichhukshan by Krishan Chander pdf, Epub and Mobi

Bhogoban Er Sathe Kichhukshan by Krishan Chander pdf

Krishan Chander was born on 26 November 1914. In a small town called Wazirabad in the Gujranwala district of West Punjab in the then undivided India. His full name was Krishan Chandra Sharma. He was a Kashmiri Brahmin by birth. His father was a renowned physician from Bharatpur, a small place in Kashmir. Tilism-e-Kheyal is the first published story-collection of this famous writer. And the first novel ‘Shikst’, he started writing it in 1940. After that, he enriched Urdu and Hindi literature by writing countless stories and novels one after the other. Most of the stories are written in a humanist secular perspective.

Apart from Bengali and Indian languages, his literature has been translated into Russian, German, English, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Chinese and Japanese. He has published 30 collections of short stories and 20 novels in Urdu and Hindi. He has demonstrated his skills in children’s literature as well. Notable books for children are- Dadar Pul Ke Bachche, Lal Taj, Ulta Darkhat, Chiriya Ki Alif Laila, etc.

This novel is translated from the original novel by Krishan Chander named ‘Dadar Pulke Bachche’. Now I want to share this extraordinary translated book- Bhogoban Er Sathe Kichhukshan in pdf, Epub, and Mobi

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Book name- ‘Bhogoban Er Sathe Kichhukshan’ (ভগবানের সাথে কিছুক্ষণ)
Written by – Krishan Chander
Translator- Mostafa Harun
Book Type- Translated Book
File type- pdf, Epub and Mobi
Pages- 66
PDF size- 1Mb
Quality- HQ, no watermark
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