Bharater Baraniya Bigyani by Debabrata Mallick pdf

Bharater Baraniya Bigyani by Debabrata Mallick, Bangla book pdf

Bharater Baraniya Bigyani by Debabrata Mallick

The entry of science into human life is from that early period. The man reaches a conclusion through his long experience. With intelligence and knowledge, he can understand what is good and what is bad. According to the laws of nature, when to harvest good crops, what is the weather like—such well-coordinated thinking is called scientific thinking.

During the Gupta and Post-Gupta eras, Hindu and Buddhist religions were able to fully develop the practice of knowledge and science in India. Just as Indian scientific studies are influenced by foreign thought, Greek, Chinese and Arabic knowledge have been influenced by Indian research and thought.
During the post-Vedic period, Hindu scientists discovered decimal spatial arithmetic and the use of zero. Only of these two discoveries in mathematics, India will be forever remembered in the history of world science.

This book contains detailed information about the eminent scientists of India. They are-

Bharater Baraniya Bigyani contents

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Book name- Bharater Baraniya Bigyani (ভারতের বরণীয় বিজ্ঞানী)
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