Bengali Yathartho Geeta pdf free download

Bengali Yathartho Geeta pdf free download

Bengali Yathartho Geeta pdf

Shri Paramahamsa Swami Argaranandji Maharaja was born in 1932, in the village of Asiaan in Rajasthan. He studied up to class III. When he 23 years old he came to Paramahamsa Swami Paramanandaji in 1955 in search of the absolute truth. The devotion to the Guru was concentrated, the pursuit is complete, he proceeded towards freedom from fastening of death and birth circle. And he was reached to the goal. Maharaj was not interested in writing, but God said his one reform has rest that is Geeta’s reality express to the public in writing which is almost on the way to extinction. He tried to get rid of this reform through pursuit for 8 years. But God said the same thing. Finally on the instructions of God, he wrote the commentary of Jathartho Geeta which is the the unique explanation of Bhagavad Geeta. This work of Maharajji is the result of divine instruction. It has been named ‘Jathartho Geeta’ because there is being explicitly expressed of the fundamental theme of Krishna’s speech in the field of Kurukshetra war.
Now I want to share a copy of ‘Yathartho Geeta’ from its official page. If you can’t download it from there then follow the link below-

**Readers can also collect ‘Srimad Bhagavad Gita Jothajotho‘ Iscon Geeta.

Book name- Yathartho Geeta
Writer- Shri Paramahamsa Swami Argaranandji Maharaja
Book Type- religion book
File format- pdf
Total pages- 418
Pdf size- 3mb
Quality- HQ, no watermark
Collect the pdf / Read online
All my godly brothers can collect this Bangla unique religion book- ‘Yathartho Geeta‘ in pdf.

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