Banglar Purnari- Dinesh Chandra Sen pdf

Banglar Purnari- Dinesh Chandra Sen, Bengali ebook pdf

Banglar Purnari- Dinesh Chandra Sen pdf

Renowned Literary Writer Roy Bahadur Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sen’s “Banglar Purnari” is the last and one of the best books of one of the best writers of Bengal. In his personal life, Dinesh Chandra was a good-natured, humble, generous, affectionate, and simple man. For this self-absorbed man, literature was religion, money, work, salvation. Till the last moment of his life, his mind was engrossed in literary thoughts.

Once upon a time, Bengal was one of the most prosperous provinces, as evidenced by the many places in these stories, evidence of this can be found in many of these stories. Gold pots, gold couches, and even gold dishes and gold bowls were served in the homes of the rich. Besides, in all these lyric poems there is enough geographical description that shows the form of Bengal at that time.

So readers collect this authentic book in pdf.

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Book name- ‘Banglar Purnari’ (বাংলার পুরনারী)
Edited by – Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sen
Book Type- Bangla storybook
File type- pdf
Pages- 523
PDF size- 25Mb
Quality- good, no watermark, clickable table of contents

Dear readers, now you can collect this Bangla lyric poems and story collection book- ‘Banglar Purnari- Dinesh Chandra Sen’ Bengali ebook pdf.

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